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Cutting Edge - International biobanking regulations: the promise and the pitfalls


A single infrastructure for Europe's rapidly evolving biobanks is urgently needed. But finding agreement on the ethics, language and operating standards is proving quite a challenge.

Cover Story - Roger Stupp: What's so ethical about strangling research?


Patients are losing out because the rules governing research are designed to restrain rather than facilitate. ItÂ’s got to change, says Roger Stupp, who is frustrated that 10 years after helping set a new standard of care for glioblastoma, patients are still waiting for something better.

Cutting Edge - Keeping one step ahead: Could trials do more for patients with incurable cancer?


Joining a clinical trial can be a lifeline for patients with few options open to them. But are outdated attitudes and practices preventing them from benefiting as much as they could?

Cross Talk - Age discrimination at a time of health rationing: unthinkable or common sense?


Karol Sikora, a medical oncologist who has directed cancer services at a major London hospital, triggered an angry reaction earlier this year when he suggested that younger patients should have priority when it comes to accessing very expensive, potentially life extending, cancer therapies. But did he have a point? we asked Ulrich Wedding, a specialist in cancer in the elderly and a board member of the International Society of Geriatric Oncology, to debate the issue with Sikora to see if they could find any common ground