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Cover Story - Michael Stevens: curing the whole child


When paediatric oncologist Michael Stevens talks ‘grades' with parents, he is as likely to be discussing their child's schooling as their cancer. If young patients are to have a future, you must look at their life as a whole, he says. He wants greater support for survivors and more research to predict which patients can safely be spared the most aggressive protocols.

Newsround - Newsround

Selected reports edited by Janet Fricker

Cover Story - Ruth Ladenstein: raising standards of care for our young patients


Paediatric oncologists have a well-deserved reputation for collaborating and treating patients within trial protocols, but there are limits to what they can achieve alone.

Impact Factor - Diabetes risk after radiation – not out of the woods

A retrospective cohort study has shown that pancreatic radiation is a risk factor for diabetes in survivors of paediatric cancer. This validates and refines prior epidemiological observations of diabetes after radiation to the abdomen and total-body irradiation, and will result inmodification of surveillance recommendations in national survivor guidelines.