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Grandround - On the road to a single European cancer society


Members of the Federation of European Cancer Societies are debating how to present a united front to win a better deal for research and treatment. But how can disciplines with different priorities and agendas speak with one voice?

Focus - Two sides to every study


If research is worth funding at all, isn't it worth paying a little extra to make the results – positive or negative – available as freely and speedily as possible?

Focus - Practising in partnership with Dr Google


Online communities can help patients learn about and weigh up the options open to them. Where enough patients are involved, they are also helping to shape those options, opening up new opportunities for accelerating research and improving care.

Cover Story - Roger Stupp: What's so ethical about strangling research?


Patients are losing out because the rules governing research are designed to restrain rather than facilitate. ItÂ’s got to change, says Roger Stupp, who is frustrated that 10 years after helping set a new standard of care for glioblastoma, patients are still waiting for something better.

Cover Story - Enriqueta Felip: breaking boundaries in lung cancer


Building a lung cancer team that works seamlessly to do the best for each patient was the biggest challenge in Enriqueta FelipÂ’s career. Her focus today is on increasing collaboration across Europe, which she sees as key if patients are to benefit quickly from the new opportunities offered by personalised therapies.

Patient Voice - Top trials group turns its attention to survivors


EORTC boosts efforts to address the long-term problems faced by people who have been treated for cancer.

Editorial - Change must come from within


Is progress against cancer is being stifled because young researchers are obliged to spend their best years competing for grants within a system biased against innovation?

Cover Story - Marcel Verheij: Revolutionising radiotherapy


Could intelligent combinations of drugs and radiation take precision radiotherapy to new levels? Marcel Verheij believes so, but may struggle to prove it without a fairer share of funding

Cutting Edge - Keeping one step ahead: Could trials do more for patients with incurable cancer?


Joining a clinical trial can be a lifeline for patients with few options open to them. But are outdated attitudes and practices preventing them from benefiting as much as they could?

Patient Voice - A seat at the table: patient advocates prepare for life on the inside


Little by little, patient advocates are winning their battle to be involved in decisions that affect them. They are now focusing on how to use their new-found voice to deliver real change for the people they represent.

Cutting Edge - Biology in the bunker


Advances in imaging and molecular biology are opening up a wealth of new avenues for research and treatment in radiotherapy. But could progress be held back by a lack of public awareness of the potential for innovation?

Cover Story - Per-Anders Abrahamsson: Patients want us to work as a team


Patients look for the best treatment centres, says this leading voice in European urology. So they’ll go where the specialists involved in their care work together, not where they are constantly battling over who is ‘in charge’.

Patient Voice - Welcome to the revolution! The changing role of patient advocates within research


Patient advocates believe their input into guiding the research process is key to ensuring the right questions are investigated in the right way. Where itÂ’s been successfully tried, both sides agree there is no going back.

Spotlight on... - Unleashing the potential of prevention


The revised European Cancer Code, launched last October, gives clear and concise information on what people can do to lower their own cancer risk. But until policy makers – and doctors – take prevention more seriously, millions of lives will continue to be lost unnecessarily.