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Spotlight on... - Flims: Building the next generation of clinical researchers


Conducting clinical trials is essential to the development of new cancer treatments, but there are many pitfalls, and it takes knowledge and experience to get it right. Where do Europe's young oncologists go to pick up the necessary skills? Until 1999, there was nowhere.

Editorial - End this secrecy over clinical trials


Ninety-six of every 100 adult cancer patients do not enrol in a clinical trial. One reason is that many trials are shrouded in a veil of secrecy, and patients find it hard to locate one that addresses their specific condition. Existing registries list only a small percentage of trials in progress, the information they contain is frequently inaccurate or incomplete and not all of them are accessible to the public.

Focus - The sounds of silence

Negative clinical-trial results are underreported. But this may soon change.

Cover Story - José Baselga: playing to Europe's strengths


It took José Baselga just a few years to build the oncology department at Barcelona's Vall d'Hebron hospital from a few shabby consulting rooms to a leading centre for research into targeted therapies. Europe has the edge in this type of research because we are better at working together, says Baselga. But we still have a lot to learn from the US.

Grandround - European research crisis: the cancer community must make its voice heard


The European Union aims to become “the most competitive and dynamic knowledge-based economy in the world”. Why then does it put so many obstacles in the way of research? And why is a world-beating breast cancer trial left short of funding and support?

Drug Watch - Cancer vaccines edge towards success


A number of cancer vaccines are now entering the final stage of clinical development. Are vaccines finally on their way to enjoying mainstream success in the oncology arena?

Forum - Phase III trials in oncology


Survival data from phase III trials can be very misleading because patients are not offered the best follow-up therapy argue Siegfried Seeber and Ada Braun in CancerWorld's new Forum section. Emma Mason canvassed clinical trial leaders, and presents their responses in the Debate section that follows.

Masterpiece - Mr Hodgkin's disease


Volker Diehl cultured the cells that characterise Hodgkin's disease when everyone else had failed. He has high hopes that molecular medicine will throw light on many questions that remain unanswered. But he stresses that it is the disciplined clinical work on the wards that saves lives in this disease, where the line between cure and fatal damage can be very thin.

Patient Voice - When clinical trials are compromised


Advocates for early access to unproven treatments may believe they are helping patients, but their actions can put current patients at risk and deny future patients the knowledge they need to make evidence-based treatment decisions, argues Musa Mayer.

e-World - A trial of strength


Patients, doctors, academic researchers and the World Health Organization all want industry to be a lot more open about the drugs they are trialling. The industry is pleading commercial confidentiality. The two sides are locked in an argument over the requirements of a proposed WHO clinical trials registry. The question is: who will blink first?

Drug Watch - PHARE: shining a light for academic research in Europe


Clinical research activity may be plummeting in the rest of Europe, but in France they're determined to substantially increase the numbers of hospitals and patients involved in clinical trials – starting with a strategic trial on Herceptin.

Newsround - N E W S R O U N D

Selected reports edited by Hannah Brown

Grandround - No trials about us without us!


Patients are not scientists. But given the chance, they can help clinical researchers design trials that patients want to join and stay with, and that answer questions they care about. They want the culture of the consent form to be replaced by a genuine partnership between researchers and patients.

Grandround - Translating good science into new treatments


Europe has money, human resources and a basic-science base that produces world-leading cancer research. Why, then, aren't these assets being translated into clinical advances?

Editorial - When the trial you need is just over the border


The bureaucratic obstacles that often prevent European cancer patients from joining clinical trials in other Member States came under the spotlight recently in the case of a young woman with melanoma.

Cover Story - Jaap Verweij: an intelligent approach to drugs


Jaap Verweij, head of medical oncology and an early-phase trials expert at the Erasmus University Medical Centre in Rotterdam invites you to reappraise the way we are going about improving cancer therapies.

Spotlight on... - Lungscape: a living lung laboratory


The potential for personalising lung cancer therapies is expanding rapidly. The challenge now is how to turn that potential into reality as fast as possible so patients can reap the benefits.

Editorial - Time to act on trials


Many of the worst economic and bureaucratic burdens that have proved such a deterrent to multi-country clinical trials look set to be addressed with the overhaul of the EU Clinical Trials Directive, but should we sit back and wait for this to be done?

Best Cancer Reporter Award - Me and my cancer


Journalists who write about their own cancer journeys are able to convey important insights in a language that people understand – and are eager to read

e-Grand Round - Personalised cancer care: where do we stand today?


Since the concept of personalised cancer therapies first emerged, the picture has become so much more complex and challenging.