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Best Cancer Reporter Award - Mothers coping with cancer


Better understanding of the impact that treating pregnant women for cancer has on their unborn child means women in this position have more options open to them, as Ainhoa Iriberri explains in this article, which was first published in SALUDRevista – a leading Spanish health magazine – and won her a Best Cancer Reporter runner-up award.

Editorial - They are many, will we be too few?


The European Commission is predicting that by 2020 Europe will need an additional one million clinical professionals to care for its ageing population. With many of our cancer systems already working at full capacity, this Editorial calls on the cancer community to get engaged in discussions about the changes in working practices, training and workforce mix that will be needed to safeguard the quality and safety of the care we provide.

Cover Story - Frederic Amant: building the evidence base for saving mother and child


Understanding the impact of treating the mother on the long-term health of her unborn child has long been held back by logistical and ethical obstacles to researching this rare patient population. Frédéric Amant took up the challenge.

Cutting Edge - Getting serious about biosimilars


As patents on the first generation of monoclonal antibodies begin to expire, the cancer community will need to get to grips with the unique issues involved in ensuring the safety and efficacy of copies of these complex drugs made by living cells.

Focus - Dangerous Healers


ItÂ’s not uncommon for people diagnosed with cancer to explore how alternative practitioners might help. Some can, or at least do no harm. But the chances of running into a charlatan whose advice could be fatal are shockingly high, as this undercover investigation, first published in the German magazine Stern, demonstrates.