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Cover Story - David Cameron: What do we really know about the quality of care we provide?


We won’t improve cancer care until we know more about how well we are doing and how alternative approaches compare. It sounds obvious, but it’s not happening, says “the real” David Cameron

Patient Voice - Top trials group turns its attention to survivors


EORTC boosts efforts to address the long-term problems faced by people who have been treated for cancer.

Cutting Edge - Keeping one step ahead: Could trials do more for patients with incurable cancer?


Joining a clinical trial can be a lifeline for patients with few options open to them. But are outdated attitudes and practices preventing them from benefiting as much as they could?

Cutting Edge - More toxic, better targeted: are we one step close to that magic bullet?


Could the new generation of antibody–drug conjugates herald a move away from conventional untargeted chemotherapy? Much will depend on how far – and in whom – their added benefit can justify the high cost of these technologically sophisticated drugs.

Cover Story - Frederic Amant: building the evidence base for saving mother and child


Understanding the impact of treating the mother on the long-term health of her unborn child has long been held back by logistical and ethical obstacles to researching this rare patient population. Frédéric Amant took up the challenge.

Cross Talk - Does lack of physical exercise jeopardise a patient's chances of survival?


Exercise reduces the risks of getting some cancers – but what about after diagnosis? What should we be advising our patients?