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Previous issues

Issue 60 May - June 2014

Issue 60 May - June 2014 flipbook

» [Editorial] Cancer control is (still) a vote winner » [Cover Story] Enriqueta Felip: breaking boundaries in lung cancer » [Cutting Edge] Protecting patients' nervous systems: Are we getting the care-cure balance right? » [Best Cancer Reporter Award] The patient touts » [Systems & Services] Living with cancer or dying of cancer? » [Spotlight on...] What did we learn from the European Partnership for Action Against Cancer? » [Patient Voice] Top trials group turns its attention to survivors » [e-Grand Round] How Europe can develop better, cheaper cancer drugs » [Impact Factor] Smart therapeutic strategies in immuno-oncology » [Newsround] Newsround

Issue 59 March - April 2014

Issue 59 March - April 2014 flipbook

» [Editorial] Spending cuts could jeopardise survival gains » [Cover Story] Jean-Charles Soria: Beyond the science » [Best Cancer Reporter Award] Mothers coping with cancer » [Cross Talk] Are tumour boards defunct? » [e-Grand Round] Thombosis and cancer » [Patient Voice] Living with cancer: advocates define their priorities for advanced disease » [Spotlight on...] Let us convince you! Enticing medical students into oncology » [Spotlight on...] Passport to the future: Improving life for survivors of childhood cancer » [Focus] Addressing cancer disparities in Europe » [Impact Factor] CT screening for lung cancer – do we have an answer? » [Newsround] Newsround

Issue 58 January - February 2014

Issue 58 January - February 2014 flipbook

» [Editorial] 'Why me?' Helping patients find answers » [Cover Story] Roger Stupp: What's so ethical about strangling research? » [Cutting Edge] Approval rating: how do the EMA and FDA compare? » [Best Cancer Reporter Award] Challenging the sceptics with stories of hope » [Systems & Services] Five steps to putting innovation at the heart of cancer care » [e-Grand Round] Imaging in oncology - over a century of advances » [Focus] Complementary or alternative medicine in cancer care - myths and realities » [Newsround] Newsround » [My World] My World - Bettina Ryll

Issue 57 November - December 2013

Issue 57 November - December 2013 flipbook

» [Editorial] We need to get serious about management » [Cover Story] David Cameron: What do we really know about the quality of care we provide? » [Systems & Services] A coordinated approach to multidisciplinary guidelines » [Patient Voice] Navigating uncharted waters: a guide to shared decision making » [Best Cancer Reporter Award] Going public on DCIS » [e-Grand Round] Managing the sexual consequences of cancer and its treatment » [Spotlight on...] Head and neck cancers are coming out of the closet » [Focus] Practising in partnership with Dr Google » [Impact Factor] Biorepositories for cancer research in developing countries » [Newsround] Newsround » [My World] My World - Adel Araf

Issue 56 September - October 2013

Issue 56 September - October 2013 flipbook

» [e-Grand Round] New Paradigms to explain metastasis » [e-Grand Round] New paradigms to explain metastasis » [e-Grand Round] New paradigms to explain metastasis » [Editorial] Supporting patients in distress » [Cover Story] Jim Watson: DNA revealed the causes, it may never reveal a cure » [Cutting Edge] A calculated choice » [Patient Voice] Easing the cancer journey » [Spotlight on...] Radiotherapy capacity across Europe: What it should be, and what it is » [e-Grand Round] New paradigms to explain metastasis » [Focus] Refusing treatment » [Impact Factor] Secobarbital in Seattle - why lose sleep? » [Newsround] Newsround » [My World] My World - Clodagh McHugh

Issue 55 July - August 2013

Issue 55 July - August 2013 flipbook

» [Editorial] The right place for the right patient... at the right cost » [Cover Story] Semir Beslija: the sky's the limit in Sarajevo » [Cutting Edge] Exploiting a nano-sized breach in cancer's defences » [Patient Voice] Stigma: breaking the vicious cycle » [Spotlight on...] Promoting new ways to control cachexia » [e-Grand Round] Personalised cancer care: where do we stand today? » [Focus] The biology of breast cancer in young women is unique - a debate » [Impact Factor] Post-traumatic stress disorder - prevalent and persistent » [Newsround] Newsround » [My World] My World - Mariagrazia De Lisa

Issue 54 May - June 2013

Issue 54 May - June 2013 flipbook

» [Editorial] Don't play with numbers » [Cover Story] Agnes Buzyn:protecting France's AAA rating for cancer care » [Cross Talk] Finding breakthrough treatments: how do we fix the broken model? » [Patient Voice] What counts as a ‘successful' outcome? » [Systems & Services] When in doubt, ask an expert » [e-Grand Round] Chronic and late effects: how physical activity can help » [Focus] Once upon a loss » [Impact Factor] Investment biobanking – increased returns from tissue samples » [Newsround] Newsround » [My World] My World - Fedro Alessandro Peccatori

Issue 53 March - April 2013

Issue 53 March - April 2013 flipbook

» [Editorial] Struck by cancer, killed by ageism » [Cover Story] Richard Sullivan: Why are we doing this? » [Cutting Edge] We hit the spot » [Cross Talk] Centralising cancer services: is this the best way to improve results? » [Best Cancer Reporter Award] Tobacco tactics in the headlines » [e-Grand Round] Skin toxicities caused by targeted therapies » [Focus] Is there an app for that? » [Impact Factor] Aprepitant and control of emesis induced by five-day chemotherapy » [Newsround] Newsround » [My World] My World - Jacob Scott

Issue 52 January - February 2013

Issue 52 January - February 2013 flipbook

» [Editorial] Time to act on trials » [Cover Story] Vincenzo Valentini: putting knowledge to work » [Cutting Edge] The reoperation lottery » [Systems & Services] Stop Cancer Now! » [Best Cancer Reporter Award] Me and my cancer » [e-Grand Round] Survivor services: supporting patients living with and beyond cancer » [Spotlight on...] Taking the isolation out of isolation » [Impact Factor] Diabetes risk after radiation – not out of the woods » [Newsround] Newsround » [My World] My World

Issue 51 November - December 2012

Issue 51 November - December 2012 flipbook

» [Editorial] Penalised for having cancer » [Cover Story] Andreas Engert: Learning from Hodgkin's » [Cutting Edge] Testing the testers » [Cross Talk] Late diagnosis: Why does it happen? How can we do better? » [Best Cancer Reporter Award] The origin of a special success » [e-Grand Round] OECI accreditation: is yours a top-class cancer centre? » [Spotlight on...] Lungscape: a living lung laboratory » [Impact Factor] Gastro-oesophageal cancer –is CROSSing over so hard to do? » [Impact Factor] Cetuximab dosing by rash ­– is the scaling of EVEREST meaningful? » [Newsround] Newsround » [My World] My World

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