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Issue 67 July - August 2015

Issue 67 July - August 2015

» [Editorial] No easy road to outsmart cancer » [Patient Voice] Who should we screen for the BRCA gene? » [Cover Story] Frederic Amant: building the evidence base for saving mother and child » [Cutting Edge] The vitamin D question: whatÂ’s the best advice? » [Systems & Services] Medical tourism: a passport to timely high-quality care? » [Spotlight on...] Cancer Core Europe

Issue 66 May - June 2015

Issue 66 May - June 2015 flipbook

» [Editorial] They are many, will we be too few? » [Cover Story] Per-Anders Abrahamsson: Patients want us to work as a team » [Cutting Edge] Targeting the supply lines: metabolic approaches to killing cancer cells » [Patient Voice] Welcome to the revolution! The changing role of patient advocates within research » [e-Grand Round] Teenagers and young adults with cancer - addressing the most important care needs » [Focus] International collaboration and the importance of eubiosia » [Focus] Our cancer risk is not written in the stars » [Impact Factor] A decade of discovery in cancer genomics » [Newsround] Newsround

Issue 65 March - April 2015

Issue 65 March - April 2015 flipbook

» [Editorial] Better outcomes data lead to better outcomes » [Cover Story] Walking the line between quick access and evidence » [Patient Voice] Side effects of targeted treatments: clinicians' perceptions, patients' realities » [Systems & Services] Generic cancer drugs that we can trust » [Cutting Edge] More toxic, better targeted: are we one step close to that magic bullet? » [Spotlight on...] Knocking at the door of the global agenda setters » [e-Grand Round] Intratumoural drug metabolism and the disposition of anticancer agents: implications for clinical treatment » [Focus] Nurturing empathy: an oncologist looks at medicine and himself » [Impact Factor] Gazing at the crystal ball of European radiotherapy » [Newsround] Newsround

Issue 64 January - February 2015

Issue 64 January - February 2015 flipbook

» [Editorial] Europe's cancer drugs shortage is hurting patients » [Cover Story] George Coukos: a temple from translational research » [Cutting Edge] Right patient, right drug, wrong dose? » [Best Cancer Reporter Award] The price of survival » [Systems & Services] A life worth living: we could do much more to help patients with depression » [Spotlight on...] Overdiagnosis under the microscope » [e-Grand Round] Lymphoedema following treatment for breast cancer: a new approach to an old problem » [Focus] Caring for one of our own » [Impact Factor] EU data protection regulation – harming cancer research » [Newsround] Newsround

Issue 63 November - December 2014

Issue 63 November - December 2014 flipbook

» [Editorial] Action for access » [Cover Story] Christopher Wild: Let's be practical » [Cutting Edge] Biology in the bunker » [Best Cancer Reporter Award] Inside India's cancer epidemic » [Cross Talk] Age discrimination at a time of health rationing: unthinkable or common sense? » [Patient Voice] Mindfulness: a way to live life in the present tense » [e-Oncoreview] Treatment of skin rash and pruritus induced by biological therapies » [Focus] The heroic role of the caregiver in oncology » [Impact Factor] Redefining the primary objective of phase I oncology trials » [Newsround] Newsround

Issue 62 September - October 2014

Issue 62 September - October 2014 flipbook

» [Editorial] If you want better drugs consult a PRO » [Cover Story] Shelley Dolan: walking alongside patients » [Cutting Edge] Deconstructing evolution: can number crunchers find the answer to resistance? » [Best Cancer Reporter Award] Cancer and inequality: bringing the message home » [Patient Voice] A seat at the table: patient advocates prepare for life on the inside » [Spotlight on...] Learning the art of leadership » [e-Grand Round] Accreditation of breast centres: why and how » [Focus] The letter to which I couldn't reply » [Impact Factor] Dropping bars or rising hoops – phase III outcomes of NSCLC » [Newsround] Newsround

Issue 61 July  - August 2014

Issue 61 July - August 2014 flipbook

» [Editorial] Change must come from within » [Cover Story] Marcel Verheij: Revolutionising radiotherapy » [Cutting Edge] Keeping one step ahead: Could trials do more for patients with incurable cancer? » [Best Cancer Reporter Award] Stories that give witness, stories that save lives: the special role of health reporters in Africa » [Patient Voice] Survivors demand a fair deal from financial services » [Systems & Services] Putting precision pathology on the policy agenda » [Spotlight on...] All the benefits of expert nursing care » [e-Grand Round] Nutritional support for cancer patients » [Focus] To treat or not to treat: who should decide? » [Newsround] Newsround

Issue 60 May - June 2014

Issue 60 May - June 2014 flipbook

» [Editorial] Cancer control is (still) a vote winner » [Cover Story] Enriqueta Felip: breaking boundaries in lung cancer » [Cutting Edge] Protecting patients' nervous systems: Are we getting the care-cure balance right? » [Best Cancer Reporter Award] The patient touts » [Systems & Services] Living with cancer or dying of cancer? » [Spotlight on...] What did we learn from the European Partnership for Action Against Cancer? » [Patient Voice] Top trials group turns its attention to survivors » [e-Grand Round] How Europe can develop better, cheaper cancer drugs » [Impact Factor] Smart therapeutic strategies in immuno-oncology » [Newsround] Newsround

Issue 59 March - April 2014

Issue 59 March - April 2014 flipbook

» [Editorial] Spending cuts could jeopardise survival gains » [Cover Story] Jean-Charles Soria: Beyond the science » [Best Cancer Reporter Award] Mothers coping with cancer » [Cross Talk] Are tumour boards defunct? » [e-Grand Round] Thombosis and cancer » [Patient Voice] Living with cancer: advocates define their priorities for advanced disease » [Spotlight on...] Let us convince you! Enticing medical students into oncology » [Spotlight on...] Passport to the future: Improving life for survivors of childhood cancer » [Focus] Addressing cancer disparities in Europe » [Impact Factor] CT screening for lung cancer – do we have an answer? » [Newsround] Newsround

Issue 58 January - February 2014

Issue 58 January - February 2014 flipbook

» [Editorial] 'Why me?' Helping patients find answers » [Cover Story] Roger Stupp: What's so ethical about strangling research? » [Cutting Edge] Approval rating: how do the EMA and FDA compare? » [Best Cancer Reporter Award] Challenging the sceptics with stories of hope » [Systems & Services] Five steps to putting innovation at the heart of cancer care » [e-Grand Round] Imaging in oncology - over a century of advances » [Focus] Complementary or alternative medicine in cancer care - myths and realities » [Newsround] Newsround » [My World] My World - Bettina Ryll

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