Best Cancer Reporter Award

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Best Cancer Reporter Award 2015 winners announced
The winners of 2015 Best Cancer Reporter Award go to:

First prize - Matthew Hill, BBC, UK
Runners-up prize - Patrice Goldberg,
Matière Grise, Belgium

Matthew Hill, submitted two outstanding entries: a radio programme entitled “Is Cancer Money Well Spent?” for the BBC Radio 4 Science Unit, and a BBC1 television investigation into an experimental brain tumour treatment.

Patrice Goldberg submitted programmes exploring skin cancer and innovative research destroying collaboration among cancer cells.

A press release announcing the winners can be viewed here.

The Best Cancer Reporter Award is an independent initiative of the European School of Oncology (ESO) and is funded by private donors. It was established in 2006 as an annual Award to promote intelligent and critical coverage of cancer and acknowledge the many examples of excellence in reporting on cancer related topics.
Award winners receive a cash prize of €5000. There is also a runner-up prize of €2500 and a smaller number of Special Merit Awards. Winning entries will also be published (or will be covered, in the case of broadcast stories) in Cancer World magazine.

Why an Award?
The media plays a pivotal role in informing attitudes and beliefs about cancer and promoting informed debate about different aspects of cancer research, treatment and care and to highlight gaps in the provision of cancer services. However, cancer is a challenging topic to cover well. Journalists often face problems in accessing accurate information, finding credible sources and resisting the pressure to sensationalise stories.  ESO established the BCRA to raise awareness about the valuable role that the media plays in the fight against cancer and to showcase examples of excellent cancer journalism.

Previous winners
Over the years we have had some outstanding winners covering a wide variety of topics for print, broadcast and online media.
A list of past winners with links to some of the winning stories can be found here.

  1. Who can apply ?

    The Award is open to consumer journalists (staff or freelance) reporting for print, online, and broadcast media, who have demonstrated outstanding ability in covering cancer stories. Journalists can nominate themselves or be nominated by a colleague or member of the cancer community.

    Journalists who write for medical journals (eg. Nature, etc.), professional audiences (eg. Scrip etc.) or cancer publications (eg. Cancer World, Lancet Oncology, newsletter/magazine published by cancer organisations etc.) are not eligible for this Award.

  2. What are the rules?

    Applications must arrive by 30 April 2015

    must be accompanied by examples of the journalist’s work. This can be a series of articles, radio or television broadcasts or a group of unrelated pieces of work on cancer. It is recommended that as many examples as possible, up to a maximum of three, are submitted.

    Submitted pieces of work can be pdfs, jpegs, word docs or video or audio files. Examples of online materials should be accessible throughout the judging period and the printouts must include the appropriate URL for the site. If prefered DVDs can be sent directly to us via post.

    The award is open to journalists working in any European language. However,  each example must be accompanied by either an English translation, or a one page summary in English.

    All examples of work must have been published between 30 April 2014 and 30 April 2015.

    Each entry should contain a justification for the nomination.

    Examples of work cannot be returned.

  3. What are the judging criteria?

    Nominations will be judged by a panel of leading figures from the European cancer community and award winning journalists.

    The judging panel will evaluate each entry on the following criteria:

    An investigative approach to the story

    Stimulating awareness about advances in the cancer arena

    A sensitive attitude to cancer patients and their families

    Creativity and innovation

    Accuracy and clarity

    Commitment to writing stories about cancer

  4. What do the winners receive?

    The Best Cancer Reporter Award winner will receive a cash prize of €5000. There is also a runner-up prize of €2500 and a small number of Special Merit Awards.

    An article written by winning journalists will be published in ESO’s Cancer World magazine.
    If the winning entry is a broadcast piece, it will be covered in the magazine.

  5. How can I apply for a Best Cancer Reporter Award?

Online nominations for the 2015 Best Cancer Reporter Award are now open. Please read the steps below carefully before applying:

Step 1:
You will need to prepare a maximum of three examples of your work to be uploaded onto our online application system. You can either upload a word doc, pdf or jpeg or insert a direct link to your work.

Step 2:
If your work is not English you will be required to prepare a summary of the piece in English or if you wish a complete translation. You will be required to upload these individually on to our system when you upload your piece of work. If your work is in English you can ignore this step.

Step 3:
Please download and complete the attached 'copyright form'. You will be requested to upload a completed version of this form onto our online application system.

Step 4:
Please prepare and save a justification as to why you should receive a Best Cancer Reporter Award. This can be either as a word doc. or pdf. You will be requested to upload this onto our online application system.

Step 5:
Once all these documents are ready you can now start the application process. Please click on the 'Apply Now' button and complete the personal details form. You will then be required to upload your work and documents.

For more information please contact: or call Corinne Hall +39 02 85 4645 22+39 02 85 4645 22