Best Cancer Reporter Award

The Best Cancer Reporter Award was established in 2006 as an annual Award to promote intelligent and critical coverage of cancer and acknowledge the many examples of excellence in reporting on cancer related topics.

The media plays a pivotal role in informing attitudes and beliefs about cancer and promoting informed debate about different aspects of cancer research, treatment and care and to highlight gaps in the provision of cancer services. However, cancer is a challenging topic to cover well. Journalists often face problems in accessing accurate information, finding credible sources and resisting the pressure to sensationalise stories.  ESO established the BCRA to raise awareness about the valuable role that the media plays in the fight against cancer and to showcase examples of excellent cancer journalism.

The Best Cancer Reporter Award ran from 2006 to 2015, in 2016 ESO decided to launch a new journalism Award under the title Cancer World Journalism Award. Further information on this new Award can be found here.

Best Cancer Reporter Award winners (2006 - 2015)

BCRA 2015

1st prize
Matthew Hill, BBC, UK

Asking the value from money questions

Runners-up prize

Patrice Goldberg,
Matière Grise, Belgium

Matthew Hill, submitted two outstanding entries: a radio programme entitled “Is Cancer Money Well Spent?” for the BBC Radio 4 Science Unit, and a BBC1 television investigation into an experimental brain tumour treatment.

Patrice Goldberg submitted programmes exploring skin cancer and innovative research destroying collaboration among cancer cells.

A press release announcing the winners can be viewed here.

BCRA 2014

1st prize
Steven Buist, an investigative journalist from Hamilton Spectator, Canada
Cancer and inequality: bring the message home

Joint Runners-up prize:
Katrin Zoefel, radio presenter for Deutschlandfunk, Germany
The price of survival
Jason Gale who writes for Bloomberg Markets, Australia
Inside India's cancer epidemic

A press release detailing information on the 2014 winners can be downloaded from the link below:
First prize in prestigious cancer journalism award goes to Canadian journa

Best Cancer Reporter Lifetime Achievement Award
In 2014 ESO decided to award its first Best Cancer Reporter Lifetime Achievement Award to Clifton Leaf, Deputy Managing Editor of Fortune, n recognition of his contribution over more than a decade to opening up informed and critical debate about the way cancer research efforts are organised and conducted.

A blog piece on Clifton's book can be viewed here.

A press release detailing information on his Award can be downloaded from the link below:
Journalist and Advocate Clifton Leaf given a Lifetime Achievment Award by the European School of Oncology

BCRA 2013

Joint 1st prize
Tiffany O'Callaghan - an Opinion Editor with the UK's New Scientist magazine
Going public on DCIS
Joanne Silberner - a US based freelance multimedia reporter
Challenging the sceptics with stories of hope

Joint runners-up prize
German freelancers Christiane Hawranek and Marco Maurer
The patient touts
Ainhoa Iriberri who writes for Revista Salud, Spain
Mothers coping with cancer

Download pdf version of press release here

BCRA 2012

1st prize
Bernhard Albrecht,Der Spiegal,Germany
In the jungle of the miracle healers

Runner-up prize

Clive Cookson,Financial Times,UK
The origin of a special success

Special Merit Award
Cassandra Jardine, Guernsey Press, UK
Me and my cancer
Steve Connor, The Independent, UK
Tobacco tactices in the headlines

BCRA 2011

Joint 1st prize:
Mark Henderson, The Times UK
The future of cancer, as told through the story of Renee
Victoria Lambert, Telegraph magazine, UK
Hope for me, and for others who come after

Runner-up prize
Martina Keller, Die Zeit, Germany
Is hope worth any price?

Special merit prize

Silja Paavle, Öhtuleht, Estonia
Living with the timebomb of childhood cancer

For further information of the winners please read the press release below
British journalists win joint first prize for excellence in cancer journalism

BCRA 2010

1st prize
Nicola Kuhrt, Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung, Germany
Cancer therapy: what is a month of life worth?

Runner-up prize

Mark Henderson, The Times, UK
Shining a light on nanoparticle Therapy

Special Campaigners Award
Paula Herlo, Romania Pro TV, Romania
Desperately seeking a bone marrow match

Special Merit Award

Slawomir Zagoriski, Gazeta Wyborcza, Poland
Think before you ruin your patient's chance of childhood

BCRA 2009

Joint 1st Prize
Margaret McCartney, Financial Times, United Kingdom
Are we educating women to be afraid?
Linda Geddes, New Scientist, United Kingdom
The no miracle cure story

2nd Prize 
Rabiya Tuma, The Economist, US
Ten years reporting from the front line

In addition, Italian journalist Daniela Ovadia and Portuguese journalist Nelson Marques received a Special Merit Award certificate that recognises the excellence of their work.

For further information about the 2009 BCRA winners, please, read the following press release:
Two British journalists win joint first prize in prestigious cancer journalism award

BCRA 2008

1st Prize
Simon Crompton, The Times, UK
The neglected magic bullet

2nd Prize

Ulrich Bahnsen, Die Zeit, Germany
If nothing is done...

3rd Prize

Päivi Repo, Helsingin Sanomat, Finland
Everyone deserves the best chance to survive

In addition, Adrian Sudbury (UK) received a Special Merit Award in recognition of his willingness to write, through his blog (Baldy’s Blog), about his personal cancer experience in order to raise awareness about the need for bone and marrow donations.

BCRA 2007

1st Prize
Pawel Walewski, Polityka, Poland
Polish reporter wins ESO award from coverage on colonscopy screening

Joint 2nd Prize

Maria Valerio Sainz, El Mundo, Spain
My wife has breast cancer
Linda Geddes, New Scientist, UK
Do it yourself chemotherapy access

In addition, Eric Baumann from the Tages-Anzeiger, Switzerland and Iva Shohova from the Prague Post, Czech Republic received a Special Merit Award in recognition of their willingness to write about their personal cancer experience in order to raise awareness about some of the difficulties faced by cancer patients as they progress through their cancer journey.

BCRA 2006

1st Prize
Sarah Boseley, The Guardian, UK
Can you catch cancer?

Joint 2nd Prize

Catherine Kalamis, Guernsey Press, UK
Reporting cancer from the inside
Simon Crompton, The Times, UK
The neglected magic bullet

3rd Prize

Paul Benkimoun, Le Monde, France
From plan to practice