Articles Archive: January - February 2016 Issue 70

Editorial - Turning more than one page


We at ESO are turning important pages in the history of our service to the European cancer community. We now invite you to turn the pages of Cancer World, which we hope you will find both an informative and enjoyable read.

Cover Story - Tipping the balance


Almost four in ten serious adverse drug reactions now listed in the labels of 12 targeted cancer therapies were not mentioned in the studies that led to their approval. Half the serious reactions that were missed are potentially fatal. How can we improve the way we investigate and report the side effects of new drugs?

Cutting Edge - A strategic moment


The world spends billions on trench warfare with cancer and makes slow progress with heavy collateral damage. New knowledge about the process of carcinogenesis and tumour growth is now fuelling calls for a change of strategy to focus on containing potential trouble and keeping the peace.

Profile - Fedro Peccatori: teaching the world to care


First he was a pupil, then he joined the faculty. Now Fedro Peccatori has taken charge of ESOÂ’s entire educational programme, and he knows exactly where he wants to take it.

Spotlight on... - Unleashing the potential of prevention


The revised European Cancer Code, launched last October, gives clear and concise information on what people can do to lower their own cancer risk. But until policy makers – and doctors – take prevention more seriously, millions of lives will continue to be lost unnecessarily.

e-Grand Round - Multiparametric MRI in prostate cancer


Traditionally confined to a role in staging, MRI is increasingly being used along the entire continuum from diagnosis to care and follow up in patients with prostate cancer.

Patient Voice - A journey to the heart of the EMA


Flexibility and goodwill have allowed patient involvement in the work of EuropeÂ’s drug regulators to develop at an impressive pace. But will they be enough to withstand the strains on the relationship exerted by financial pressures, together with demands that patient reps stop seeing industry reps?

Our world - The road to global cancer care


Most new cases of cancer occur in parts of the world that are least equipped to deal with them. As our contribution to helping improve access to prevention, treatment and care across the world, Cancer World has launched a new section, Our World, dedicated to examining the many challenges and providing a platform for profiling some of the global, regional and national initiatives and strategies that are making a real difference.

Spotlight on... - Bridging the gap in metastatic breast cancer


Every two years the metastatic breast cancer community convenes to assess what needs to be done to bridge gaps – gaps in scientific/clinical knowledge and in service provision, and gaps between the patients and professional communities.

Impact Factor - Cognitive effects of endocrine therapy


The impact chemotherapy can have on the ability to think clearly is well recognised. Less is known, however, about the cognitive effect of endocrine therapies, which in the adjuvant breast cancer setting are being prescribed for up to 10 years. Wilbert Zwart, Sanne Schagen and colleagues from The Netherlands Cancer Institute, review the evidence.

Focus - How doctors die


This hard-hitting blogpost by Ken Murray,a retired Los Angeles family doctor, helped open up discussions about why doctors routinely administer treatments to dying patients that they would adamantly refuse for themselves.