Articles Archive: January - February 2015 Issue 64

Editorial - Europe's cancer drugs shortage is hurting patients


Hospital pharmacies across Europe are experiencing frequent delays in accessing a wide range of commonly used cancer drugs. This editorial examines the extent of the problem and calls for action at an EU level to protect patients from its harmful consequences.

Cover Story - George Coukos: a temple from translational research


Switzerland wants a cancer centre that will promote “opportunity, integration and innovation”, focused tightly on delivering major benefits to patients. George Coukos is the man charged with making it happen.

Cutting Edge - Right patient, right drug, wrong dose?


Dose too strongly and the patient gets more harm than benefit, too weakly and the drug canÂ’t do its job. Could oncology learn from other fields about using pharmacokinetics in the clinic to hit it right in each patient?

Best Cancer Reporter Award - The price of survival


Broadcaster Katrin Zöfel showed the value of good journalism with her half-hour broadcast for Deutschlandfunk, German national radio, which told the stories of people living with long-term effects of being treated for cancer.

Systems & Services - A life worth living: we could do much more to help patients with depression


A new model for caring for depression in cancer patients shows how much can be achieved even on a tight budget.

Spotlight on... - Overdiagnosis under the microscope


A new conference looks at the social as well as individual implications of how we use diagnostic tests that cannot accurately pick out real from apparent threats.

e-Grand Round - Lymphoedema following treatment for breast cancer: a new approach to an old problem


Screening breast cancer patients for lymphoedema makes it possible to identify problems early and take action to halt its progression. Oncologists have an important role to play, particularly given the rise in lymphoedema rates that may be expected due to greater use of regional radiotherapy in early breast cancer.

Focus - Caring for one of our own


When youÂ’re caring for a patient and friend, who was recently your colleague, working out boundaries and negotiating the particular privileges and pressures of caring for them can be hard. The problem was explored in a Schwartz Center Round* at the Massachusetts General Hospital.

Impact Factor - EU data protection regulation – harming cancer research

The cancer community is deeply concerned about the unintended consequences of the current wording of the European Union (EU) draft Regulation on Data Protection, which may challenge the survival of retrospective clinical research, biobanking, and population-based cancer registries in the EU. This directive could negatively affect EuropeÂ’s competitiveness in cancer research.

Newsround - Newsround

Selected reports edited by Janet Fricker