Articles Archive: July - August 2014 Issue 61

Editorial - Change must come from within


Is progress against cancer is being stifled because young researchers are obliged to spend their best years competing for grants within a system biased against innovation?

Cover Story - Marcel Verheij: Revolutionising radiotherapy


Could intelligent combinations of drugs and radiation take precision radiotherapy to new levels? Marcel Verheij believes so, but may struggle to prove it without a fairer share of funding

Cutting Edge - Keeping one step ahead: Could trials do more for patients with incurable cancer?


Joining a clinical trial can be a lifeline for patients with few options open to them. But are outdated attitudes and practices preventing them from benefiting as much as they could?

Best Cancer Reporter Award - Stories that give witness, stories that save lives: the special role of health reporters in Africa


How can journalists help raise the profile of cancer and get it on the political agenda in countries where infectious diseases get most attention, reliable data are scarce, doctors are reluctant to talk and editors prefer cheery topics? Two award-winning reporters speak of the challenges they face

Patient Voice - Survivors demand a fair deal from financial services


Companies should no longer be allowed to deny mortgage or insurance services to cancer survivors without explanation or a transparent risk assessment, say patient advocates. A few hopeful signs show their message may be getting across.

Systems & Services - Putting precision pathology on the policy agenda


Will pathology services need a serious overhaul if they are to deliver the accuracy required for precision medicine? Two European initiatives are trying to build the case for change in this least visible of cancer disciplines.

Spotlight on... - All the benefits of expert nursing care


When key figures in European cancer nursing gathered at the Royal Marsden to mark 30 years of EONS, they found they had a lot to celebrate – and a lot more work to do.

e-Grand Round - Nutritional support for cancer patients


Patients who are receiving adequate nutrition have a better prognosis, respond better to chemotherapy and can tolerate higher doses of anticancer treatments. It is therefore important for oncologists to assess and manage malnutrition.

Focus - To treat or not to treat: who should decide?


Shared decision making is ethically sound and the evidence shows it leads to better outcomes. But if a patient is determined that they want no part in the decision, is it paternalistic to insist?

Newsround - Newsround

Selected reports edited by Janet Fricker