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Issue 49
Breaking Boundaries
Issue 46
Still waiting for the world to catch up
Issue 45
Redefining the role of pathology: how Giuseppe Viale embraced the new responsibilities of the molecular era
Issue 44
The ESO Masterclass: where those most eager to learn meet those most willing to teach
Issue 43
For the love of the job
Issue 42
The secret behind a successful clinical trial
Issue 41
A simple doctor's quest to improve on today's treatments
Issue 40
Real compassion is about moving things forward
Issue 39
Steadfast in Sarejevo
Issue 38
Putting the person back into personalised therapies: The concerns of a head and neck cancer specialist
Issue 37
Yes we can treat cancer - even in the poorest countries
Issue 36

Blazing the trail in a new type of research
Issue 35
From unwanted interference to indispensable partner: the patient advocate who helped open the minds of Europe's cancer doctors
Issue 34
Specialism: political oncology
Issue 33
The power behind the World Cancer Declaration 
Issue 32
Vested interests are undermining our efforts to beat cancer: the worries of a battle-hardened German oncologist 
Issue 31
Surfing the wave
Issue 30
Closing the gap with the West
Issue 29
New drug combinations are not the solution
Issue 28
Siding with the vulnerable
Issue 27
A reverence for life in turbulent times
Issue 26
Balancing cure and care One surgeon’s multidisciplinary quest to raise standards across the board
Issue 25
A scientist without borders
Issue 24
The people's pharmacologist
Issue 23
Scientific integrity must always come first 
Issue 22
A very useful doctor
Issue 21
The passion behind big cancer projects
Issue 20
The birth of the breast unit: a Florentine tale 
Issue 19
The minimalist of St Mark’s 
Issue 18
Where East meets West 
Issue 17
You need to divorce to become good friends
Issue 16
Tackling cancer the Tunisian way 
Issue 15
Spread the word 
Issue 14
The man behind the margins 
Issue 13
The Moscow smokebuster 
Issue 12
If the cardiologists can do it, so can we 
Issue 11
Mr Hodgkin's disease 
Issue 10
Gynaecological oncology: Hungary has a word for it 
Issue 9
Switzerland's cancer president 
Issue 8
All in the blood 
Issue 7
Finding the viral link: the story of Harald zur Hausen 
Issue 6
Vince De Vita: the view from the top 
Issue 5
Jean-Claude Horiot: the innocent inquisitor 
Issue 4
Sophie Fossa: The survival expert 
Issue 3
Richard Doll: Science will always win in the end 
Issue 2
Louis Denis: Urology's foremost free thinker 
Issue 1
Bob Pinedo: Bringing two worlds together