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Issue 25
The hopes and frustrations of a career in cancer: the next generation speaks out
Issue 24
Translating good science into new treatments
Issue 23
Personalised cancer therapies: why we may never reach the promised land
Issue 22
No trials about us without us! Patient advocates demand a seat at the table 
Our responsability, our choices: ESO invites the media to a reality check on cancer 
Issue 21
Breast screening: it's a question of pros and cons, not right or wrong
Issue 20
It's creative chaos in the colorectal cancer clinic: report from the ESO colorectal cancer observatory
Issue 19
Bridging the communications gap: how to build a dialogue with shocked, scared and sad patients
Issue 18
When treatment gets under your skin
Issue 17
Don't sideline the guidelines
Issue 16
A second opinion, because there's no second chance
Issue 15
Turn up the volume
Issue 14
Targeted drug development by trial or error?
Issue 13
Are you feeling lucky? Discussing risk and treatment options with patients
Issue 12
The dream team: when will we make it a reality?
Beyond the Herceptin hype...we need to raise the level of debate -
Issue 10
What’s coming up in colorectal cancer?
Lost in translation 
Issue 9 
"We will help you live until you die" and What's coming up in breast cancer
Issue 8
On the road to a single European cancer society
Issue 7 
European research crisis: the cancer community must make its voice heard
Issue 6
They could be alive today
Issue 5 
Treating anaemia: damned if you do, damned if you don’t
Issue 4  
Cancer in pregnancy: the cruellest dilemma
Issue 3
Locoregional techniques: under-rated and under-researched 
A good prognosis for progress in breast cancer 
Issue 2  
It’s not a war…and we are not losing
Issue 1
Cancer in the year 2025