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Cutting Edge

Issue 70
A strategic moment
Issue 69
Getting serious about biosimilars
Issue 68
What can we learn from liquid biopsies?
Issue 67

The vitamin D question: what's the best advice?

Issue 65
More toxic, better targeted: are we one step closer to that magic bullet?
Issue 64
Right patient, right drug, wrong dose?
Issue 63
Biology in the bunker
Issue 62
Deconstruction evolution: can number crunches find the answer to resistance?
Issue 61
Keeping one step ahead: Could trials do more for patients with incurable cancer?
Issue 60
Protecting patients' nervous systems: are we getting the cure-care balance right?
Issue 58
Approval rating: how do the EMA and FDA compare?
Issue 56
A calculated choice: the role of decision-making tools in personalising treatment
Issue 55
Exploiting a nano-sized breach in cancer's defences
Issue 53
We hit the spot
Issue 52
The reoperation lottery
Issue 51
Testing the testers
Issue 50
We told you so: how the persistence of immunotherapy researchers is finally paying off
Issue 43
Beyond survival:  what should new cancer drugs have to prove and how?
Issue 42
International biobanking regulations:  the promise and the pitfalls
Issue 41
Reading the signs:  the role of genomic signatures in guiding treatment decisions
Issue 40
Promoting genetic literacy: cancer control in the BRCA era
Issue 39
Therapeutic cancer vaccines: there's a new kid on the block
Issue 38
Charged particle therapy
Issue 37
Grapefruit juice and St John's Wort are just the tip of the iceberg
Issue 36
Who's who in the world of personalised cancer treatments
Issue 35

MRI for breast cancer: who benefits, who is harmed?
Issue 34
Keyhole surgery