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Cover Story

Issue 70
Tipping the balance
Issue 69
Kathy Redmond: We need to talk
Issue 68
Denis Lacombe: quietly orchestrating the clinical research revolution
Issue 67
Frederic Amant: building the evidence base for saving mother and child
Issue 66
Per-Anders Abrahamsson: Patients want us to work as a team
Issue 65
Francesco Pignatti: walking the line between quick access and evidence
Issue 64
George Coukos: a temple from translational research
Issue 63
Christopher Wild: Let's be practical
Issue 62
Shelley Dolan: walking alongside patients
Issue 61
Marcel Verheij: Revolutionising radiotherapy
Issue 60
Enriquetta Felip: breaking boundaries in lung cancer
Issue 59
Jean-Charles Soria: Beyond the science
Issue 58
Roger Stupp: What's so ethical about strangling research?
Issue 57
David Cameron: What do we really know about the quality of care we provide
Issue 56
Jim Watson DNA revealed the causes, it may never reveal a cure
Issue 55
Semir Beslija: the sky's the limit in Sarajevo
Issue 54
Agnes Buzyn: protecting France's AAA rating for cancer care
Issue 53
Richard Sullivan: Why are we doing this?
Issue 52
Vincenzo Valentini: putting knowledge to work

Issue 51
Andreas Engert: Learning from Hodgkin's
Issue 50
Siddhartha Mukherjee: explaining cancer
Issue 49
Mary Gospodarowicz: Just do it
Issue 48:
Mahasti Saghatchian:  pioneering a quality mark for Europe's cancer centres
Issue 47
John Crown:  Move aside bureaucrats and let us take a lead
Issue 46
Stein Kaasa:  Let me show you what integrated palliative care can do
Issue 45
Luzia Travado:  improving outcomes for patients by attending to their distress
Issue 44
Julio Celis:  bridging science and politics
Issue 43
Peter Naredi:  a 'can do' leader for Europe's cancer surgeons
Issue 42
Jean-Yves Blay:  integrating translational and clinical research
Issue 41
Ruth Ladenstein: raising standards of care for our young patients
Issue 40
Klaus Meier: together we can offer the best of both worlds
Issue 39
Sara Faithfull: unleashing the potential of cancer nursing
Issue 38
Angelo di Leo: mapping the geography of breast cancer
Issue 37
Serigne Magueye Gueye: an agent for change
Issue 36
Jaap Verweij: an intelligent approach to drugs
Issue 35
Alain Fourquet: taking multidisciplinarity one step further
Issue 34
Jan Geissler: We, the patients
Issue 33
Vesna Kesic: exporting excellence in women's cancers
Issue 32
Eric Van Cutsem: closing in on GI tumours
Issue 31
Michael Gnant: pushing the boundaries
Issue 30
Pat Price: asking the right questions
Issue 29 
Emiel Rutgers: a surgeon for the genomic era
Issue 28
Jean-Pierre Droz: We can do better for our older patients 
Issue 27 
Paolo Casali: the man with the method 
Issue 26 
Nadia Harbeck: breaking with convention 
Issue 25
Mike Richards: the man with the plan 
Issue 24 
Ulrik Ringborg: tackling the fragmentation of Europe's cancer efforts 
Issue 23
Giovanni Paganelli: nuclear medicine's enthusiastic ambassador 
Issue 22
Clifton Leaf: asking the difficult questions 
Issue 21
Hein Van Poppel: urological cancer is what we do 
Issue 20
Michael Stevens: curing the whole child 
Issue 19
Nicholas Pavlidis: on the path of Hippocrates 
Issue 18
Tanja Cufer: all the confidence of new Europe 
Issue 17
Aron Goldhirsch: dogmatically anti-dogma 
Issue 16
Jan Foubert: champion of cancer nursing 
Issue 15
Lynn Faulds Wood: tell it like it is 
Issue 14
Jacques Bernier: Keeping the faith 
Issue 13
David Khayat: driving the French cancer plan 
Issue 12
Laura van't Veer: the person behind personalised treatments 
Issue 11
Lesley Fallowfield: getting the message across 
Issue 10
Michael Baumann: the dynamo of Dresden 
Issue 9
Fatima Cardoso: the next generation 
Issue 8
John Smyth: unity is strength 
Issue 7 
Peter Boyle: the man behind the statistics 
Issue 6
José Baselga: playing to Europe's strengths 
Issue 5
Bruce Ponder: plugging the research 
Issue 4
Stella Kyriakides: the torch bearer 
Issue 3
Lars Påhlman: Super-Specialist 
Issue 2
Lex Eggermont: a rare hybrid 
Issue 1
Cora Sternberg: An American in Rome